Melitta Thermal Coffee Brewer - The Secret to Making Great Tasting Coffee Fast

Time for a New Coffee Maker

With my old coffee maker on the fritz and taking way too long to brew my coffee, it was high time I invested in a new one! After looking at a few online I decided to find a coffee maker that was easy to use, fast and above all made great tasting coffee!

I picked up the Melitta 10 cup Thermal Coffee Brewer and couldn't wait to make some coffee with it. (It's just me, but I REALLY like coffee) After making my first cup, I've never looked back!

Brewing My First Cup of Coffee with the Melitta Coffee Brewer

Switching to the Melitta meant that I'd have to change from flat filters to the cone shape but this was not an issue as the Brewer came with filters already. I filled the top loading water reservoir to the 4 cup mark and away we went. 4 cups is the least amount indicated on the carafe. While I'd like to have a lesser option, 4 is fine.

The Melitta's Regular, Bold, and Robust settings adjust the temperature of the water during heating, a hotter brewing temperature makes for richer tasting coffee! For my first cup, Regular would be just fine. And I was not disappointed. Not only did it make coffee quickly, but it made GREAT coffee quickly!

The Melitta Coffee Brewer will make 10 full cups in roughly the same amount of time give or take a minute or two. After brewing the coffee the carafe heated and STAYED hot! I'm sure you think, 'That's what it's supposed to do!' Agreed! However, after the Melitta Coffee Brewer's hot plate heats the pot, IT GOES OFF! All that richness stays in the thermal coffee pot and keeping piping hot for hours!

Programmable Coffee with the Melitta Coffee Brewer

Wake up late or need to rush out the door? The Melitta Thermal Coffee Brewer is programmable! Now fresh coffee is ready waiting for me as I come down the stairs in the morning! (Now if I could get it to just let the dog out too.)

Leaving it on is no problem as well as the Melitta Thermal Coffee Brewer has a 2-hour automatic shutoff, making my new coffee maker not only user friendly but now fool proof!

Melitta Coffee Brewer Has Well Placed Controls

What do I like best about the Melitta Thermal Coffee Brewer? It's not the generous carafe that never goes cold, or the automatic shut off that keeps me from burning the house down; it's the placement of the controls!

Most coffee makers have the buttons and at the bottom, near the base of the pot, but Melitta had another idea. There's nothing worse than an overflowed coffee, unless you considered overflowed coffee on your coffee makers controls!

Or how about going to push a button and hitting the hot pot instead? Now that is a thing of the past! With the controls at the top of the coffee maker the result is far less unforced scalds to the fingers!

A Dependable Coffee Brewer

Whether it's getting my morning started or giving me a boost mid-afternoon (or my favorite midnight pot!) my Click Here  coffee maker has yet to let me down! Brewing coffee for ten or brewing for two, I found it all in the Melitta 10-cup Coffee Brewer! Trade your hot plate heating, coffee burning pot for one that keeps your Coffee fresh, clean and hot.